Highlights of the Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators Website

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This week we will begin highlighting sections in the Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators website.

Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators speaks to the critical role system leaders play in supporting the work  teachers undertake to improve our students’ ability to read.

Leadership matters … the courage, conviction and relentless pursuit of goal attainment makes a meaningful difference – both intuition and research verify the importance of leadership in implementing and maintaining improvements.

The first section we invite you to read is Compelling Why. As system leaders work through this section they will be challenged to answer the following questions:

  What am I doing to nurture the gift of reading for all the students I serve?
  How do I use my compelling why and related actions to motivate and engage others?
  What actions will I take as a leader to ensure that all students are reading to their potential?
  Do I have a consistent focus on the shared WHY of reading?

The pages in in the Compelling Why section will assist system leaders in Nurturing the Compelling Why and consider strategies in System Alignment. The Compelling Why Self Assessment page provides the continuum of development and the target that all leaders strive for in fostering an environment where staff can articulate and show in their day-to-day actions their personal compelling why.

Wish you a great week!,
Provincial Administrator Reading Team


SaskReads Admin LOGO (web)-01


My name is Kim. It is my first year in the role of principal at an elementary school. I want to support literacy at my elementary school but I don’t know where to start. I served as a VP in my previous assignment at a high school . . .

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