The Administrator Is the Lead Learner

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This week’s featured section of the  Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators website is Lead Learner.

“If principals see themselves as learners first – that is, they value learning, want to learn and know how to learn – then even if they do not yet know what effective literacy practices look and sound like, they can and do learn those practices.” (Routman, 2014,Read, write, lead: Breakthrough strategies for schoolwide literacy success.)

The Lead Learner section supports administrators in determining what they know about effective literacy practices and provides suggestions of how to build their knowledge about reading.

Once you have examined your compelling why and established beliefs with your staff, it is important to reflect on your level of knowledge in effective instructional practices in reading.  The Reflective Learner page in this section will outline how this knowledge is critical in allowing the leader to make decisions that will promote improved student achievement and enable the  effectively support teacher growth and development. The bottom of the Reflective Learner page features a video of school administrator Aaron Kohlman who talks about how he built his background knowledge regarding effective literacy practices in reading.

Anyone wishing to engage in self-reflection regarding what they know about they reading, how to mobilize reading within their school or community, as well as how to sustain the momentum of literacy initiatives will appreciate the Lead Learner Inventory page.

The following page in this section is entitled Lead Learner in Action. It includes the Module: Being a Lead LearnerThis module could be used by Central Office Staff with their administrators or as an independent reflection module by the administrator.

The last page in this section is Lead Learner Self-Assessment.

Enjoy the warmer weather!,
Provincial Administrator Reading Team


SaskReads Admin LOGO (web)-01


My name is Kim. It is my first year in the role of principal at an elementary school. I want to support literacy at my elementary school but I don’t know where to start. I served as a VP in my previous assignment at a high school . . .

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