How To Build Capacity in a Saskatchewan Reads School

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The feature section this week is Building Capacity.  When capacity is built teachers and administrators who are new to a school can maintain and strengthen the literacy momentum that has been established.

The Building Capacity section begins with a description of  the Literacy Leader:

Successful school administrators are accountable and take responsibility for student learning.
They also create a lasting culture that sustains a focus on reading.
Sharratt and Fullan (2012) describe these qualities as know-ability, mobilize-ability and sustainability.

Greg Enion, Director of Education, Regina Public Schools, describes the literacy priority in his division as well as the supports in place for in-school administrators in a video-clip at the bottom of the Literacy Leader page.

The Building Literacy Teams page describes how administrators build a team environment that honours diverse perspectives, support the learning of all staff and seek critical feedback. Staff are free to raise concerns and offer alternative ideas. The focus is on building trust among all members. The Building Literacy Teams module included on the page provides ideas on how to establish a team approach with staff.

The Professional Learning of Teachers page includes what Collaborative Professional Growth in action involves as well as a description of  how Job embedded professional learning in a Saskatchewan Reads school builds instructional capacity.  Check out the three staff development modules : The Big Ideas of Reading, Shared Reading, and Instructional Walks.

The Building Capacity section of Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators ends with a self-assessment.

Wish you a good week,
Provincial Administrator Reading Team


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My name is Kim. It is my first year in the role of principal at an elementary school. I want to support literacy at my elementary school but I don’t know where to start. I served as a VP in my previous assignment at a high school . . .

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