Analyzing and Responding to Data in a Saskatchewan Reads School

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How am I attempting to establish a culture where students continue to achieve?  How do I use reading data with the school team to inform instruction?  These are some of the reflection questions that begin the feature section this week, Analyzing and Responding to Data in a Saskatchewan Reads School.

One of the essential components in school leadership is a necessity for the school administrator to ensure that effective reading assessment practices, including the use of diagnostic assessments, exist throughout the school.

The Effective Assessment Practice page features the School Data Review module as well as a link to a chart on the Assessment Conversations and Actions webpage that can be used for guided and ongoing conversations between a school administrator and teacher.

This section continues with Knowing and Using Reading Data.  Administrators and school leaders can plan for what this might look like in their schools with the following modules:

The Responding to Reading Data page outlines how school teams can plan early and ongoing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions to offer additional support so students can meet curricular outcomes.

This section concludes with the Reading Data Self-Assessment rubric.

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My name is Kim. It is my first year in the role of principal at an elementary school. I want to support literacy at my elementary school but I don’t know where to start. I served as a VP in my previous assignment at a high school . . .

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