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Leadership matters … the courage, conviction and relentless pursuit of goal
attainment makes a meaningful difference – both intuition and research verify the importance of leadership in implementing and maintaining improvements.

As a result, the Provincial Leadership Team (PLT)* identified the importance of system leaders, in particular school administrators, in deploying Saskatchewan Reads. The PLT directed the development of Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators as the next step in our provincial plan to improve our students’ ability to read. This work is critical to reach the goals for Grade 3 reading as well as the graduation targets presented by the Premier in Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond. The high correlation between
reading at grade level by Grade 3 and graduation rates is compelling.

In this continuation of Saskatchewan Reads we have Kim, who is a principal with very little background knowledge in reading. Kim’s ability to provide leadership for a Saskatchewan Reads school is enhanced by following the key components of this document. This resource builds on the sound research from educational leaders such as Routman, Sharratt, Fullan and others. It also provides practical concrete application of promising practises within our province.

This document addresses key areas in being a successful leader within the context of a Saskatchewan Reads school. Some of these key areas include: self-reflection on why leadership is important, how to develop common beliefs, how to be a lead learner and role model, how to create a reading culture and environment, how to lead with a reading focus and how to manage all the different components involved.

The intent of Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators is to provide some very practical tools and processes for administrators at all levels of the system to use in supporting teachers implementing Saskatchewan Reads. The Planning Guidelines are intended to take all the information presented and map out how, when and where it all fits into the school year. It is important to realize that all schools will be at different stages of the journey, thus certain components will take on different levels of priority.

Schools just beginning their journey will not be able to accomplish Halloween 2015 - Admin Office StaffDP (275x155)everything in one year, therefore chunking different components into a multi-year plan is advised. We are fortunate in this province to have extremely talented and dedicated leaders. As a result of their work, the children of Saskatchewan have a very bright and hopeful future!

Liam Choo-Foo
Chinook School Division


*PLT – Directors of education for First Nation education organizations and 28 provincial school divisions, as well as the Deputy Minister’s office.