Effective Assessment Practice

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One of the essential components in school leadership is a necessity for the school administrator to ensure that effective reading assessment practices, including the use of diagnostic assessments, exist throughout the school. It is critical for the school administrator to have extensive background knowledge in the area of reading assessment in order to move toward the common goal of improving student learning.

school_division_data_wall (188x250)
A school division created a data wall to display and track student reading progress. School administrators share the progress of their students during a wall walk.




  “Principals need to be first and foremost experienced and effective teachers; have expertise with curriculum, instruction, and assessment; be able to recognize effective classroom practices in action; and have the skills to support and mentor teachers during the change process.”
(Weber & Lupart, 2012, p. 280)

Holistic effective assessment practices found in SaskReads LOGO-01, including conversations,  observations and products, provide student achievement data that is required to inform teaching that meets the needs of every student.

The chart on the Assessment Conversations and Actions webpage can be used for guided and ongoing conversations between a school administrator and teacher. Each essential component is accompanied by key conversation topics  part_toolbox_admin_teacher_assessment_conversation_actionand actions. The goal is to see evidence of these conversations come alive. This would be evident in the classroom through improved student learning using effective classroom practices.


Assessment Conversations and Actions