Nurturing the Compelling Why

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“The value of reading has been known by my people for thousands of years.
When you read it gives you important information: like directions, the ability to read animal tracks, cloud formations and weather patterns, rock paintings, stars and water.
We read today for the same reasons and for similar results. 
Reading equips us with skills to survive.”
Elder Betty McKenna


Successful leaders inspire others to action by having a strong, clear sense of purpose. They nurture a climate that allows people to question and encourages people to think deeply about their own purpose. We do not achieve great things because we have to or are told to: we achieve incredible accomplishments because we are compelled to for more important reasons.

Students reading independently.

The central office leaders who are responsible for system implementation of
reading achievement have the responsibility of sharing the current provincial and local context. These contexts ultimately have the potential to impact student success in reading.

Examples include:

  • provincial targets;
  • school division or First Nation education organization directives and goals;
  • School Community Council (SCC) or First Nations and Métis (FNM) advisory group;
  • budget implications; and
  • professional learning opportunities.