School Library

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The school library is at the heart of the school’s reading culture. A high quality school library:

  • includes a diverse collection of texts that are current and relevant to student interests and learning needs;
  • reflects culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Métis and First Nations cultures Resources ONLINE ;
  • has a high level of circulation;
  • is staffed by individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about promoting reading in the school;
  • is a safe and welcoming environment, accessed throughout the day for independent reading and learning opportunities; and
  • provides teachers with resources to support reading instruction, including professional resources and fresh texts for classroom libraries.

“Excellent classroom libraries, school libraries, and public libraries are the cornerstone of a successful school reading program.”
(Routman, 2014, p. 99)

A resource centre in a joint use school provides a welcoming, accessible space for students to read.