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Managing a Saskatchewan Reads School

A school-based administrator leads a session on effective literacy practices.

 “A school’s infrastructure is the operating system that provides the expectations and tools for procedures, actions, collaboration, and language that all educators agree to abide by as members of the school community. Worthwhile change is unlikely to take hold without these foundational procedures and structures in place to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the school.”
(Routman, 2014, p. 17)


Leadership for a Saskatchewan Reads school occurs when leaders have clarity regarding the compelling why, have common beliefs about reading with their staff and community, understand and use data to improve teaching and learning and have cultivated a culture for reading. These are all important pieces of planning for improvement in reading.

One of the critical pieces in implementing a plan for reading improvement is the allocation of resources to support the plan. These resources include time for planning, learning and assessment, professional development, use of teacher personnel and support personnel (coaches, consultants, other professionals and educational assistants), instructional materials and technology and adequate funding. Hopkins (2007) lists resource management as one of nine critical components to a successful school improvement.