Cultivating a Literacy Culture

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It has been a few weeks since the last post so we will pick up from where we left off.  We realize that you are not physically in your schools but moving forward the Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators site may provide some inspiration on how you might maintain and build on the literacy initiatives within your school communities in a virtual fashion.

This week we will provide an overview of the Cultivating a Culture section of the Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators.  We would also like to share the link to the newly released French version of the Ministry document Instructional Supports for Diverse Writers. 

“Culture … mean[s] creating a whole-school community that works together

to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment [of reading] for teachers, leaders, students, and their families.”
(Routman, 2014, p. 27)

The reflection question to be asked is What do I see, hear, and feel in our school that demonstrates a reading focus?

The first page in the Cultivating a Culture section is Creating a Saskatchewan Reads School Environment. This page outlines how this might be done by walking the reader through strategies to create rituals as well as ideas for including visuals within the school to make it obvious that reading is an important focus.  The page also includes the staff development module entitled Environmental Walk. This module is the perfect way to engage a staff in determining the degree to which their school reflects that reading is an important focus.

The next page in the section links to readings on how to:

Each of the readings includes a multitude of staff development modules than an administrator could use as is or modify to facilitate discussions on how to establish/communicate the reading focus and action plan, build relationships, and share responsibility within the school and the community.

The Cultivating a Culture section ends with a self assessment.

Take care,
Provincial Administrator Reading Team


SaskReads Admin LOGO (web)-01


My name is Kim. It is my first year in the role of principal at an elementary school. I want to support literacy at my elementary school but I don’t know where to start. I served as a VP in my previous assignment at a high school . . .

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